Dear Friends,
Already this New Year I have had an unusual amount of time to sit and let my mind wander about all over the place!
I don’t know about you but when I’m wandering on a walk I will stop and look at anything that catches my eye and even take a different turning to the one I had planned in advance. This can be really rewarding or a bit scary or even boring… but always a learning experience.

Well I find that’s exactly what happens when I have a lot of time to think and pray…off my head goes on a path that always surprises me. Planning for work ahead ended up with thinking about my long ago deceased parents and all the silly things we got up to! Praying about a problem took me to my favourite place, the seashore, which was wonderful but I’m not sure how it helped with my problem solving! Lots of smiling thoughts, though.
What’s this got to do with us, you may be thinking…? Well, it’s me saying that instead of getting frustrated on those occasions when you are restricted from your usual lifestyle, try to appreciate the gift of the extra time you have been given and use it wisely. If your prayer time starts off with a particular purpose in mind but seems to drift off elsewhere, go with it and appreciate the conversation that God wants to have with you, God’s agenda rather than yours.
Post-Christmastime often brings worries about what you didn’t manage to do, about your credit card balance, about the family tiffs that arose for all sorts of reasons. All that thinking! Then there are the forward looking worries of course…how am I going to manage this or that? Please don’t think that I am belittling those legitimate worries, as many will be all too real but what I am saying is use any space, or make a little space, to reflect in God’s company and let God take the strain.
Reflect back, in thanks, at the great gift we received at Christmas and then think how to pass that Good News on during the inevitable path towards, and during, the pre-Easter season of Lent. Use every opportunity to let God guide you, to let God fill your heart, rather than trying to go your own way and be prepared to be surprised at the end of that journey.
May you have companions on your way, Jesus at your side and a heart filled with God.